Talk of the Commonwealth

Monday through Friday 6am-10am

Join Hank Stolz and Ben White for everything going on in the commonwealth of Worcester. If it happens here, you will hear about it! Call and join the show. Every weekday morning its Talk of the Commonwealth and the Worcester Radio network.

Let’s Talk Taxes with Dr Satya Mitra

Monday 9:00am – 10:00am

Join Dr Satya Mitra as he helps you understand your taxes and the way taxes work. Dr. Satya Mitra is a successful entrepreneur that has committed his life to helping other people. He is the owner of The Guru Tx and Financial Services in Worcester.

Making Money Last with Gerry Doughtery

Monday through Friday 11am-12pm

Join Gerry Dougherty from Boston Independence Group as he helps you climb to the top of the retirement mountain while keeping what you have secure along the way.

The Frankie Boyer Show

Tuesday through Thursday 2pm-3pm

For years people have depended on the advice and guidance that Frankie provides to have a better and healthier life. Join Frankie and her array of experts and guests as they help you learn about everything the important things you can do to lead a healthier life.

Lancer Moments hosted by Hank Stolz

Tuesday 9:00am-10:00am

Keep informed about everything going on at Worcester State University. Enjoy discussions on everything from policy, to faculty, current events, and more.

Voice of Business with Emily Gowdey-Backus

Spend an hour with Emily from the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce as she talks with business owners, local entrepreneurs, and Chamber members and officials about all the great things coming to our commonwealth. Brought to you by the Worcester Regional Airport.

Financial Focus with Bob Gustafson

Wednesdays 10 am-11 am

Financial Focus with Bob Gustafson from RKG Financial as he offers sound financial talk for those who are currently investors, or thinking of beginning to invest. There is always something to learn with Financial Focus.

The Worcester Red Sox Show with Hank Stolz and Dr. Charles Steinberg

Thursday 9:00am-10:00am

The Red Sox are coming to Worcester and Polar Park construction is underway!! Enjoy the developments as the Red Sox build a team and home in Worcester. From great baseball stories and special guests, to the inside scoop on things to come. Don’t miss it!

The Drew Mortgage Show with Douglas Rawan

Weekdays Noon- 1pm

Join Douglas Rawan every day at noon as he shares the latest news in finance and helps you find the best path to secure a mortgage and a new home.

The Worcester Sports Scene with Walter Bird

Fridays 9:00am-10:00am

Walter Bird can talk sports. Not just any sports, sports here in Worcester. Red Sox, Railers, Pirates, local high school and college teams, if it happens in Worcester, Walter wants to talk about it.


Sundays 3:30pm-4:00pm

Join Asima Silva as she shares her experiences and perspectives of being a Muslim woman in the United States of America.

The Visper Group Presents: Retirement Security with Jeff Monfette

Mondays and Fridays 2pm – 3pm

Join Jeff on Retirement Security as he helps educate you on how to plan for a financially secure retirement.

Conservatively Speaking

Saturdays from 6am-8am

Talk about today’s issues and let your voice be heard. Join Joe Joe Mangiacotti and his guests as they talk politics on WCRN.

Behind the Scenes with The Hanover Theatre

Saturdays 1pm-1:30pm

Enjoy the theatre?  Like laughing with friends and listening to live music?  Find out what’s happening “behind the scenes.” Join Lisa to hear interviews with visiting stars and creative teams responsible for making the magic happen throughout the year.  Learn first-hand what’s going on with The Hanover Theatre Conservatory and the Theatre District.  Tune in to catch what shows are coming soon to one of the top theatres in the world…right here in Worcester!

Pro Hearing Health

Fridays 1pm-2pm

Join Peter and Alex Lee every Friday as they teach you the important role hearing plays in your life, and you regain your hearing for a healthy direction in life.

It’s the Liquor Talking with Ryan Maloney

Saturdays 11am-1pm

Join Ryan Maloney and spirits medium Randal Berg as they talk everything you want to know about your favorite beverages.

Business, Politics, and Lifestyles

Wednesday at 1pm-2pm, Friday 8am-10am

Gary S Goldman knows the questions you want answered and is not afraid to ask the hard questions to get that information. Navigate todays world with Gary and learn from his panel of experts and renown guests.

Mind Magic with Bob Martel

Wednesday 1:00pm-2:00pm

Are you ready to take back control of your life and make the changes you seek for yourself? Whether you want to change a habit, improve your personal or professional performance, or finally stop[ struggling to lose weight or quit smoking. Board-certified hypnotist Bob Martel of Positive Results Hypnosis in Holden can help you use the power of your own wonderful mind to accomplish anything. Each week Bob shares some “mind magic” to help listeners improve the quality of their life. Join Bob every week as he explains how hypnosis might be the key to solving some of your life challenges.

The Peter Blute Show

Sundays 9am-12pm

He’s Back! Peter Blute is back with his hard-hitting political commentary that has made him a favorite in Worcester County for years. Don’t miss a minute and Peter shares his perspectives on today’s interesting times.

Debt Decoded with Mike Delmonico

Monday and Friday 10:00am – 11:00am

Join Mike on Monday and Friday as he shares his formula with you on how to reduce or eliminate your debts.  Don’t let debt control you, listen to Debt Decoded.

MindSetGO Radio Show with Mark Altman

Thursdays 1-2pm and Saturday 9-10am

Tune in and enjoy The MindSetGo Radio Show with Mark Altman as he explores communication challenges in personal, businesses, and professional settings with guests and experts every week here on AM 830 WCRN!

The Blue Circle Advisors Hour

Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11am

At Blue Circle Advisors, Kelly and her staff works to inspire companies to run strong profitable businesses that positively impact the world.They build programs that leverage training and big data trend analytics to identify potential risks to your company’s brand, quality, and compliance efforts. Making these principles part of everyday operations and training employees to be knowledgeable about the latest global regulations and practices is our passion and the reason she shares her insights on the Blue Circle Advisors Hour here on WCRN Full Service Radio every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10-11am.