“The 5 C’s” by Dr. Satya Mitra

“Running a prosperous, resilient company is the goal of every entrepreneur, but there are essential steps to success that most people miss. This step-by-step handbook will help you better serve your business, clients, employees, and community with a quintet of common-sense practices every business person should master.  

Dr. Satya Mitra rose up from his poor childhood in rural India to become an influential business leader. In The 5 C’s, he unveils the process that enabled him to thrive as a businessman, leader, philanthropist, family man, and neighbor. By emphasizing how opportunities can arise from challenges, he shows how life’s negative incidents can turn into positive outcomes and offers invaluable advice on honing your entrepreneurship abilities and leadership skills, developing sustainable relationships, and expanding your influence by becoming a force for positive change.

When you lead, inspire, and give back to others, you can reap unparalleled rewards. The 5 C’s are the tools you’ll need.”